VHM’S BAND TO WATCH: Falling For Scarlet

What does a girl do in a boy’s world? She rocks it! 

Originally an army of one, front-woman Lee Tomachefski recruited the raddest of the rad here in Vancouver to create Falling For Scarlet’s sound that is simultaneously personal and anthemic. “These melodies and riffs that were twirling around in my head were literally the theme songs for my life,” Tomachefski tells VHM. 

Consider a vocal mix of Evanescence, Chris Cornell, and Pink set over the grinding rhythm section of bands like Chevelle, Disturbed, and Deftones, and you can start to get a sense of where Falling For Scarlet begins and the rest of the world ends.

“It’s about taking the negatives, all the experiences from your life really, learning from them and building them into something positive. You are your best ally and your own worst enemy, so it’s about finding the hero’s strength within you to be able to start over from ground zero and create something bigger and better for your self. In life, it’s easy to be the victim or play the villain. But you can’t be the victim and the hero at the same time. The Hero has to win by nature and thus the villain’s ending is never happy. Take action and choose wisely which one you’re setting out to be.”

And each time Tomachefski marches the troops onto that stage, be ready for war because the Army of One that is Falling For Scarlet is here to stand up and fight for rock n roll! “The tides are turning, eventually it has to turn toward loud guitars and real people, playing real instruments.” Tomachefski goes on to say, that, “None of us should buy into other people’s misery” or the, “War stories of people who have tried and failed. ‘Cause rock isn’t dead… It’s the wave rebuilding… the tides turning. Whether it’s a woman or man, it’s time to stand up and shout!!!”

So get out of your parent’s basement, that you still call a “Suite” and go see Falling For Scarlet LIVE this Saturday, April 20th @ the 420 SHOW With Falling For Scarlet, The Post War & Bulls On Parade.

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